Sunday, January 4, 2015

Playing with Kids – Nelna Toys

It was the month of June in 2011. Nelna Toys Company needs to build their web site and they need pictures for it. Web development was handled by one of my Friend Kavidu (who works with me for a long time in photography). So he invites me to do the photo-shoot.

We had two locations. Finally we decide to take a well build home with a nice garden located around Borelsgamuwa.

 After arrive the location we started our shoot with lots of toys and two cute little children. We use the garden to take more natural shots.

 In the mean time we shoot toys separate too.

After the lunch, there is few other child models came. We shoot them also.

Our final shoot was a big bear with children. Company owner is act as the big bear.

It was a nice time and tough time to work with children. Finally we satisfy the customer. That is our ultimate goal. J