Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's a Beginning of Sajini, Raneel and O2Space

It was End of 2010. Sajini is one of my friend and workmate in my office. Those days I was doing my photography career as a hobby. My time spend with more experiment and get the experience with the camera. 

Sajini’s church wedding is set in mid of December and she invited me to cover that event. At that time I don’t have much equipment. Canon 550D with one kit lens and one zoom lens, basic flash gun, off camera TTL cable and 5 in one reflector.

So that is a big challenge for me. So I get support from Shaminda Dalpadau ( One person who helped me to start my photographic career and he is a owner of Studio Chamindu.) He told me what to do during the ceremony. Thank you Chamindu!!.

Those days I used a Maruti 800 car. Event was held at Minuwangoda. So I prepare and went there. We took some photographs at Saloon, bride’s place. Then we went to church. After those church events we went to Gampaha gardens and took some photographs.

Finally we produce 12X24 Story albums for them. We made our first customer happy!!!
Still Love those awesome Memories..