Monday, April 13, 2015

Indika Weds Shalini

Indika is my school time friend. When he plan his wedding he choose me as their photographer. It is a pleasure for me. Shalini, his bride from Kothmale a nice village in Central province.

In the planning stage I meet both Indika and Shalini and have a discussion about the wedding and home coming. I get their ideas and combined with my ideas and experiences and made final decision abut the photography.

When they plan their wedding, they choose as wedding location at her home. But we don't have any idea of the place. So for betterment we thought it is good to have a pre visit to the place.

Before one month to the wedding we went there as a trip. It was a nice place and we walked everywhere at hill country. They have a place called "Raja Kamatha" in paddy fields. Indika and Shalini thought they dress as Kandian style. So those places also well fitted with the dress.

Before the wedding day we went there. We stay at a restaurant and participate with the team of O2Space. Malinga and Kasun was with me.

Unfortunately it was a raining day. We couldn't execute our pre plan with the rain. So then we start plan B :)

We took photos outside the Shalini's house. They didn't change going away dress. That would be great opportunity for us taking another set of photographs. When we coming to Colombo we saw some tea estates and misty hills with waterfalls. We use those kind of Sets to take photographs.

In the home coming day, we went to Wadduwa Holiday Resort. They stay at there. So we took dressing photos and photos in the beach. Finally we achieve the target of taking photos and directly came to  the reception hall which located at Miriswatta, Piliyandala.

Then we cover the whole event and ends with a Story book album. Customer is happy with the creation.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chanuri Weds Naveen

She is one of my office mates of Me (Achira). Then she likes our works. Finally she decided to share their most valuable life moment with us.

Before few months to their wedding they plan the valuable date with us.

On that day our crew (Achira, Kavidu, Malinga and Kasun) went to Naveen’s home early morning. Then we start shooting the event from Kollupitiya flats. 

After that we went Chanruri’s dressing place. That is Mrs. Suvinitha Kothalaawa’s saloon at Hortan place. After we shoot the dressing session we went to the roof top Pool. 

Took some creative shots and went to “Diyatha Uyana”. That is the modern name for that place. 

Unfortunately at that time there was no Diyatha Uyana. It is under construction. We took photos at special place called “Ahinsakayange Aramaya”. 

I think that is the last wedding shoot at “Ahinsakayange Aramaya” because after 2 days of shoot (on home coming day) they Dozer that place for development J

Then we came to the reception hall. That is in PT gardens. That was a traditional wedding and place all the traditional events held there.

After lunch they change their dress. Then they had dancing floor with DJ. When they “going away” we went Chandrika Kumarathunga Mawatha at Malabe and take more shots.

After two days in the evening we went to “Blue Waters” at Wadduwa to take home coming pictures. 

We had nice session with Chess board, Trains, Pool and lawn. Finally our crew returns reception hall located at Kiribathgoda. Ceremony has nice dancing floor and event goes well.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Playing with Kids – Nelna Toys

It was the month of June in 2011. Nelna Toys Company needs to build their web site and they need pictures for it. Web development was handled by one of my Friend Kavidu (who works with me for a long time in photography). So he invites me to do the photo-shoot.

We had two locations. Finally we decide to take a well build home with a nice garden located around Borelsgamuwa.

 After arrive the location we started our shoot with lots of toys and two cute little children. We use the garden to take more natural shots.

 In the mean time we shoot toys separate too.

After the lunch, there is few other child models came. We shoot them also.

Our final shoot was a big bear with children. Company owner is act as the big bear.

It was a nice time and tough time to work with children. Finally we satisfy the customer. That is our ultimate goal. J

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's a Beginning of Sajini, Raneel and O2Space

It was End of 2010. Sajini is one of my friend and workmate in my office. Those days I was doing my photography career as a hobby. My time spend with more experiment and get the experience with the camera. 

Sajini’s church wedding is set in mid of December and she invited me to cover that event. At that time I don’t have much equipment. Canon 550D with one kit lens and one zoom lens, basic flash gun, off camera TTL cable and 5 in one reflector.

So that is a big challenge for me. So I get support from Shaminda Dalpadau ( One person who helped me to start my photographic career and he is a owner of Studio Chamindu.) He told me what to do during the ceremony. Thank you Chamindu!!.

Those days I used a Maruti 800 car. Event was held at Minuwangoda. So I prepare and went there. We took some photographs at Saloon, bride’s place. Then we went to church. After those church events we went to Gampaha gardens and took some photographs.

Finally we produce 12X24 Story albums for them. We made our first customer happy!!!
Still Love those awesome Memories..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello World

Most of the People thinks Photography is a profession. But for us it is a Passion. O2Space is not just a photography company. It not just cover your event. You can see our website. There are lots of people recommend us. Its Because of our Passion. O2 Means Oxygen. O2Space means Oxygen Space. Actually it is Oxygen Space for THE Creativity.

Above Picture is a part of Our Latest creation. Shalini and Indika. We'll tell you the story of that event. Yeh.. You need to wait until the behind the scenes and  the story.